Metamorphosis cover

Metamorphosis centers around the themes of transformation and natural beauty. Natural forms are often irregular and unexpected, and this is exemplified in the experimental nature of the music. Although lyricism and melody are as present as on May The Road Rise To Meet You, the music is more rhythmic and more harmonically developed, incorporating flavours of rock, latin, flamenco, jazz, classical, and avant-garde. The epic title track is a good example. Like The Road, Metamorphosis is again dominated by one steel-string guitar (a 1947 prototype Gibson J45), but also features solo piano, and string arrangements by Paul Buckmaster, known for his work with Elton John, David Bowie, The Rolling Stones and Miles Davis.

Writer Malcolm WacWatt described this music perfectly in a review in the Northern Scot of a concert during which much material from Metamorphosis was played: “Shades of flamenco, jazz, blues and classical styles lend colour to an almost avant-garde approach to the guitar: loud, lightning-fast passages contrasting with delicate melodies, the whole performance in a state of constant motion.”


    1. Nova 5′
    2. Nordic Sunrise 9′
    3. Luctor et Emergo  7′
    4. The Skip 3′
    5. Serenade  4′
    6. Grace  4′
    7. Lowlander 5′
  • Metamorphosis 12′
    • a) Knife’s Edge
    • b) Soft Landing
    • c) Rumi’s Field
  1. Lullaby 3′

All music composed and arranged by Tingen

“I’ve had the good fortune to hear Tingen perform some pieces from his forthcoming album, Metamorphosis. I found them strikingly original and deeply enjoyable. Through the use of unusual harmonies, melodies and musical structures, Tingen is able to move the acoustic guitar into uncharted territory.”
Al Schmitt, famous engineer and producer, winner of 19 (!) Grammy Awards, who worked with Steely Dan, Ray Charles, Toto, Miles Davis, Frank Sinatra, and countless other music legends.