May the Road Rise to Meet You


May The Road Rise To Meet You is, amongst other things, inspired by the teachings and meditation practice of the Vietnamese Zen master, writer, poet, and peace activist, Thich Nhat Hanh. Reflecting the simplicity and clarity of Zen, most of the music is played on one steel-string Gibson J45 prototype acoustic guitar, occasionally embellished by a violin, an electronic treatment, nature noises and two Vietnamese songs written by Thich Nhat Hanh.

The album was in part recorded at Plum Village, Nhat Hanh’s home monastery in the south-west of France, and was arranged and produced and by Tingen, and recorded on gear kindly lent by Metropolis studios in London. “Watching The Breath” was electronically treated by renowned producer Michael Brook.

Guitarist John McLaughlin wrote about this album: “Tingen has discovered a new approach to music in general, and the guitar in particular. I am very impressed with the lucidity with which Tingen is able to communicate his concepts. Through a seemingly simple manner, and with only an acoustic guitar, Tingen is able to reveal new dimensions in music.”


  1. First Step (Kinh Hành)
  2. White Horses
  3. Buddhist Meditation Bell
  4. Watching The Breath
  5. River Flowing Home
  6. Love Waltz
  7. Water Dancer
  8. Adrift
  9. Tíêng Chuông Chuà Cô?

  11. The Darkening Of The Light
  12. The Breaking Of The Shell
  13. Emergence
  14. Thiêng Sinh Ru Nôi Kêt
  15. In The Palm Of God’s Hand
  16. Next Step (Reprise)

“Very powerful and deeply soulful guitar playing. Tingen had the good sense
to let the sound of the acoustic guitar speak for itself.”
– Mitchell Froom, producer of Crowded House, Los Lobos, Suzanne Vega and Tom Waits.

May The Road Rise To Meet You uplifts with its qualities of stillness, acceptance, peace and celebration.” – David Sylvian.

“A good composition should be like beautiful architecture: you walk through it and keep discovering new things. May The Road Rise To Meet You is like that. As the album goes on, new doors keep opening.” – Hector Zazou, French composer who worked with Björk, David Sylvian, John Cale, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Harold Budd.

“Paul Tingen really makes his guitar speak” – Michael Church, The Scotsman.

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