White Horses


  1. WHITE HORSES. I created my first video to go with the remastered version of the second track from my May The Rise To Meet You album:

I intended to upload another version soon, with a new guitar performance!

2. THE ELEMENTS – MY DREAM WAS. My two boys, 14 and 11, are also busy making music, and this is their debut single and video:

3. JOEY STEALS A MARCH ON JIMMY PAGE. The oldest one was fascinated by music from day one, and here he is, aged 2. Be afraid, Mr Page, very afraid!

4. NIC JONES – PETRONELLA. in 1981, when I was very young, I made a sound desk recording of the first set of a live performance of the great folk guitarist Nic Jones, in Amsterdam. Sadly, Jones suffered a serious car accident a year later, which terminated his career, and never had the opportunity to record some of the material he played live. One particular highlight of his set in Amsterdam was the virtuoso instrumental “Petronella.” Other then a bad-quality audience recording posted on YouTube there are to my knowledge no other recordings of this track. Jones’ family has expressed no interest in using the material from my recording, and after 36 years I reckon it’s time some of it sees the light of day. So click, sit back, and enjoy!