The Elements

The Elements

I am proudly presenting you The Elements, which consists of my sons Joey and Raphael Tingen, who are 14 and 11. They’re Dutch and British, and live with my wife and I in Aquitaine in the south-west of France.

The boys have been making beats for several years now, mostly inspired by modern pop and hip-hop/R&B, with me constantly busy widening their horizons! They make instrumental electronic pop music, but naturally, given their young ages, they’re still advancing quickly and are likely to spread out into other genres as well. Despite their youth, they’ve already reached a level advanced enough to garner interest and kudos from people working closely with Beyonc√©, Future, and Justin Bieber.

Until now they’ve developed their beatmaking skills in private, with music lessons, feedback and encouragement from yours truly, but their first digital single, “My Dream Was,” has been distributed by Tunecore to streaming and digital track sales services around the world. “My Dream Was” features a mesmerising lead sound and melody, which would be right at home in a dream-sequence in an art movie, off-set by deep bass and hard-hitting drums.

Here’s the “My Dream Was” video on Youtube:

“My Dream Was” was written, arranged and played by Joey and Raphael Tingen, using Mulab as their DAW. Guitar, mix and production by Paul Tingen. Production consultant: Henry Sarmiento at Sonic Vista Studios.

Here’s the boys’ second single, “Full Flow”:

More releases by The Elements are to follow on our label In.No.Sense.

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