Paul Tingen – 'zen' guitarist and author



“Tingen has discovered a new approach to music in general, and the guitar in particular. ”
– John McLaughlin, composer and guitarist.


Welcome to my web site. My ‘zen guitarist’ tag was first used in a description of me in the London listings mag Time Out, because my music is in part inspired by the Zen practice of Thich Nhat Hanh. You can listen to my music on this site, and if you like it, please purchase the tracks you’ve enjoyed, or the entire album from which they came. Check out the Music page and the New Music column to the right for what’s new.

A large part of this site contains my interviews with artists, engineers, and/or producers that cannot elsewhere be found on-line in the English language. I’ve also written a book on the electric music of Miles Davis, and articles on other subjects than music. Plus I am currently ghost-writing someone’s autobiography. Many of these topics find their home in the Words section of this site. Check the Words column on the far right for what’s new.

The Elements

I’m proud to announce the release of the first single by my two sons, still only 15 and 11, on streaming and digital sales sites around the world. They call themselves The Elements and their debut is called “My Dream Was.”

In addition, I’ve also just uploaded some videos featuring music by myself and others. You can contact me if you’d like guitar lessons, on-line or in person, or would like to book me for performances.

My debut album, May The Road Rise To Meet You appeared in 1997, and its follow-up, Metamorphosis, will be released later this year, a whopping 20 years later! I will be posting individual tracks as and when recordings are completed. The legendary Paul Buckmaster (David Bowie, Elton John) has done a string arrangement, and Joe Chiccarelli (White Stripes, My Morning Jacket) is also helping out.

22 front cover

In the Mix Resources section I posed additional photos, screen shots and details about the making of Bon Iver’s 22, A Million to complement my SOS article about the making of the album. Also, as a reminder of what really makes America great, a Mix Resources page with additional photos and screen shots of the Hamilton musical soundtrack.

My current Inside Track in the February issue of Sound on Sound magazine is about the making of The Chainsmokers’ megahit, Closer. Additional screen shots of the mix session will be posted soon, as will be screen shots of sessions by Seeb, Shawn Mendes, Coldplay, Justin Bieber, Panic! At The Disco, Rod Stewart, Muse, and many more.

In the music section you can find an interview with Noah Georgeson on his work on Joanna Newsom’s album Divers. Coming up also are articles on the making and/or mixing of tracks and albums by Macy Gray, Beyoncé, Rufus Wainwright, Macklemore & Lewis, Keith Richards, Neil Young, Of Mice and Men, FKA twigs, Lana del Rey, Beck, Michael Jackson, Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga, Jay-Z, Elvis Costello & The Roots, Keith Richards, Neil Young, and Blur. Promise!